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Baby Shower Gifts For Dad - This is definitely another area in which you want to keep the expectant mom's personality and taste in mind. If she is quiet and introverted, she may be uncomfortable with anything obnoxious or embarrassing, like eating fake baby poop from a diaper. On the flip side, if mom-to-be is much more flamboyant, she may not wish to sit and watch her guests do a infant word-search. If you're not certain, the best policy is to ask the expectant mother if you can find some games she had in mind, also if there are any she'd rather avoid.

Again, let her preferences be your guide. The final thing to check off your list prior to the day of the baby shower is a gift for the infant. Whenever you're hosting a baby shower, then there is nothing more perfect than a diaper cake. The cake exhibits beautifully as the baby shower centerpiece, also you can use it to play a guessing game. Have your guests guess how many diapers are in the cake.

A diaper cake is a stylish way to give the most practical thing on each registry - diapers! And you can not beat the versatility - you get a centerpiece, a game, and a gift all in one, that saves you money, and when you're hosting a baby shower, that is essential. The afternoon prior to the baby shower, you are going to need to make sure all your prep work is done.

If you're hosting the shower in your house, be sure you clean it completely! Cut cheese pieces, create the pasta salad or fruit salad, hang streamers, arrange the bows (but let them to not inflate them until the morning of the shower,) and pick up the cake. Make sure you have all the last minute essentials, like plates and cups. A good size (blank!) Trash can and big trash bags are also a good idea.