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Gift Card For Baby Shower Hostess - Baby showers are a classic tradition and a much-anticipated section of an expectant mother's first pregnancy. Unsurprisingly, the average baby shower hostess feels a measure of anxiety in regards to planning this long-awaited party, and when it is her foray to the baby shower area, the task can quickly become an overwhelming one. But planning a baby shower need not be a source of jealousy, and utilizing this very simple beginner's manual, even the most inexperienced hostess could throw a pleasant and unforgettable baby shower.

The first order of business is to specify a date for the baby shower. The perfect time to schedule the shower is when the expectant mother is 32 to 34 weeks pregnant, and you must allow yourself approximately 6 months of preparation time prior to the party. Once the date is determined on, request the mom-to-be to supply you with a listing of addresses and names. This is your guest list.

The next issue to consider is decorations. Let the personality and style of the expectant mother be the starting spot for the direction you'll take with the baby shower. Resist the temptation to plan the party according to your personal taste as opposed to the guest of honors. You may want to choose a theme for the shower, but remember that this isn't an essential element and may even complicate things unnecessarily.

Now is the time to decide on the menu as well. Finger foods are appropriate for almost every baby shower. For those who have a little more time or a flair for the culinary arts, then you could incorporate a bowl of homemade pasta salad, or even some miniature quiches (in the freezer department, just heat and serve) for this listing.